such a lovely day- why keep it that way?

August 31, 2008 at 6:52 am (Uncategorized)

all you sneaky, nosy, freaky chaps out there reading this-

hello! i belong to your world and this is my first blog.

never blogged before, so i gotta be good at this, right?

so the occasion of this blog being the successful (depending on perspective, certainly not my point of view) closure of a month long method of torture going by the name of first term examinations, a lot of my views and comments may certainly not seem sane and acceptable, but make no mistake, I AM NOT!!!

i am suffering from withdrawal of the exam way of life. you know, sleep late in the night, having fun screaming “TODAY!!” when your friends ask-”when did you sleep yesterday?”, they usually have this assumption you’ve been studying very hard, but what the hell, who’s gonna spend energy telling them how much time it takes for a drunk ant to trudge along the length of your windowsill or how nice it is to exercise with ABC of chemistry as dumbbells.

i shall blatantly defend the fact that these days were so much fun too in a way. people asking me a few study related questions (ME in the first place!) then me having a long discussion with them, going from what i have been doing the whole day, what we had for dinner, plans to watch ‘the dark knight’, and then hey, did you ask me what happens in the williamson ethers synthesis? dunno man, guess you gotta ask someone else about it. lol…

(hey i’m enjoying my blog, hope you are not!)

some things i still am so stuck up with- shakespeare was a bad example? of course he was, and stephen spender(right?) had to tell you. we tell you and you wont listen, we had to bear him the whole time.(et tu brutes!! three hundred times have i in my sleep cried out, HELP HO! they murder young minds like mine) the hell with it.

you really have to know how to create dibenzal acetone from petrol? and with all the fuss made of about the rise in prices? tch…tch…

ah! and differentiation, well frankly, what’s the difference? who cares where the log must be taken, as far as people like clark (the tables, remember?) are in their graves or on their way to it.

and physics, oh my goodness, the number of weird positions we have to take up in the class to accomodate fleming’s rules. i’m surprised no one in class is injured because of it yet.

and(yeah, i know,i know i’m starting a sentence with the cool ‘AND’, go complain to wren and martin if you want, we dont have grammar sections in english anymore,ha!) if technology can take the course of dryness followed in our syllabus, i would think twice about creating artificial intelligence (remind me about an incident in the comp lab)

so here, i’m having hangovers of H.C.Verma and arihant.(they’re awesome pillows, if you are wondering)

that’ll be my first blog. phew!!

so keep those comments coming and encourage me to continue being a nasty, cutting prick. and have a lovely day (sarcasm intended, go back and search for it)




  1. Shourav said,

    August 29, 2008 at 6:06 pm · Edit

    Well well well
    Look whos complaining bout Hangovers from HC Verma…..Implies you read it
    You dont need the Principle of Mathematical Induction to Prove theres Super standard Nerd written all over you
    Bt aside from that AWESOME blog:)

  2. Abhishek said,

    August 30, 2008 at 4:08 am · Edit

    Great first post. Shourav can point fingers but deep down inside he knows that he wants to be the nerd.

    I kind of miss messaging at midnight and all that. But I’m sure my school will make up for it. Inheritance test on Monday. Start panicking guys.

  3. Prarthana said,

    August 30, 2008 at 11:35 am · Edit

    Awesome first attempt!!
    Way good..
    You have withdrawal symptoms? really?
    The first thing I did after exams was go to PVR and watch a movie!

    I say it again… Keep writing when you get the time! They could be just a few lines from any song or whatever….
    Don’t let it die! D

  4. Priya said,

    August 30, 2008 at 4:45 pm · Edit

    Hello Anand!! )

    Going by your writing style, I think you will gain many many readers! That, I can assure you off! And this is a very good page at that!

    WordPress seems to be complicated at first, but its the best platform there is for blogging! )
    I will add you to my blogroll right away!

    I enjoyed reading your first post! Write more often! D
    And yeah, now that the exams are done, and you may find some time, personalise this blog a bit! Add themes, pictures, pages, sidebars, widgets and all that, one by one!!


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